Become the Church.

You are welcome here, and you matter. At Pittsford Community Church, we believe that young people are an essential part of the ecclesia. If you desire to be part of community, to be challenged, and to be heard, then join us as we wrestle through what it means to be: Church.


Become a part of open and authentic fellowship. Come hang out with us Sunday mornings over coffee, join us for monthly events and service projects, and join us for bible studies.


Bring an open mind and an open heart as we wrestle through faith together. It is our desire that at our meetings, individuals would feel comfortable openly sharing their ideas, experiences and convictions as we seek God’s will for our lives together.


God desires for you to be a part of His Church. Join us as we consider what vocation means in the Kingdom of God, and where we fit into the body of Christ. Come and be encouraged to discover who God is calling you to be.


Help us show one another the love of Christ. Come join a community that prays for, encourages, and upholds one another in the pursuit of beloved community.


Want to connect?

Come join us for Sunday Coffee & Conversation! 10:00am in the Inlet at Pittsford Community Church (421 Marsh Rd, Pittsford). Also, follow us on social media!