Organ Purchase - FAQ Page

Organ Purchase for PCC

Organ Purchase for PCC

PCC is Raising Funds for an Organ!

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At our town hall meeting on 5/3 we discussed raising funds for the purchase of the new organ.  We have officially hit our fundraising goal of 75% which means that we will be moving forward with the process!  We have scheduled a congregational meeting on August 2nd to vote to dispense the funds necessary to purchase the organ.  The congregational meeting will be immediately after church in the Family Life Center.

Because we are not yet fully funded we encourage you to continue to give toward the project both before and after the purchase of the organ until all funding has been raised.  Given a positive vote at the August 2nd meeting, we will fund the remaining balance from the reserves the church currently has.  

We felt that it would be helpful to provide you all with a FAQ page to answer many of the questions you are sure to have. Below is the attached FAQ page. It includes information about the organ we are looking at as well as how to donate. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ed McCarthy or any of the PCC leadership. If they cannot answer your question, they should be able to point you to the right place!


The PCC Vision Team


Organ Purchase – FAQ Page

As we continue conversations surrounding the process and purchase of a new (to us) organ for Pittsford Community Church, the leadership at PCC believes that it will be helpful to release a frequently asked questions page to specifically address many of the questions/issues/concerns that have been raised during our discussions.  This document is meant to set expectations and clearly communicate our church’s mindset surrounding the purchase of an organ as we begin to raise funding from the congregation toward this purchase.


Our Philosophy of Worship

Pittsford Community Church is committed to having God-centered, inspiring worship as we celebrate who God is and what he has done.  We do this, in response to Him, by expressing our love and devotion in spirit and in truth through song, prayer, and the proclamation of the Word of God.  True biblical worship declares God to be our sole focus rather than the satisfaction of our own personal needs.  Biblical worship is dynamic – not passive.  Therefore, meaningful and accessible congregational participation in worship is essential.

Believing that worship is our highest priority, and that Pittsford Community Church is a local expression of the family of God – we strongly encourage people of all ages (children, teens, singles, families, adults, and seniors) and of all cultural backgrounds to worship together as the people of God – so that God-centrality in the life of our church is demonstrated.

Also believing that God calls his people into unity, we will seek to have corporate worship which celebrates all styles of music through which the Lord is exalted.  We believe that for the Christian, all of life is to be lived as an act of worship to God – and corporate worship should be a great encouragement to a life of worship and holy living. In all cases, our worship must glorify and exalt God the Father, Son, and Spirit, and never settle for mere entertainment.  Our commitment as a church is to strive for authentic biblical worship.  Therefore, our corporate worship is never measured by personal tastes and preferences, but simply by bringing glory to God and furthering his purposes. – adopted August, 2013

Psalm 115:1; Psalm 145-150; Isaiah 6:1-9; John 4:23-24; 1 Corinthians 1:10-17; 1 Corinthians 14:14, 24-25; Romans 12:1-2; 1 Corinthians 10:31; Colossians 3:15-17; Hebrews 13:15


What are the specifics of the organ we are looking to purchase?

The model is an Allen MDS-51 with 5 channels, full pedal board, new speaker cabinets, and a one-year warranty.  Because there are 5 channels, no “renovations” to the current setup are necessary. The purchase price of the organ is $29,500 and shipping and the removal of the old organ are included in the contract.  Additionally, there would be a small installation/setup fee of a few hundred dollars.  We believe that this is a great opportunity given the fact that a new organ would cost the church $120,000 or more. 

What is the timeline of the purchase?

In order to “hold” the organ we need to put a refundable deposit of $5500 (18%) down. Before we finalize a purchase, we will send a few individuals led by Peter Arcadi to inspect and play the organ (currently located in Maryland), but that timeline is indefinite right now due to COVID restrictions.  We will NOT purchase before a personal visit and recommendation is made and is brought before the congregation. 

Additionally, our purchase of the organ will be dependent upon the level of support and financial giving that we receive from the congregation.  Once we are in a position to purchase, we will assess where we are at as a church and make a determination of whether or not to move forward.


How can I donate to the purchase?

PCC has set up an organ fund which allows you to designate a financial gift directly to the purchase of the organ.  If giving by check or cash, you can simply add a note which designates the organ fund.  If giving online, go to the give page on the website and choose “organ fund” in the fund designation box.

What music/worship style expectations should be expected with the purchase of a new organ?

None. Pittsford Community Church is a dynamic congregation with many different worship style preferences represented.  We will not engage in worship style preference discussions but rather maintain and value a gospel centric theology of worship.  We believe that all styles of music are glorifying to the Lord and none more than the other.  Therefore, we will not set any expectation on our leaders or congregation concerning the style of music played during our worship services and gatherings. Each worship leader is commissioned to lead out of the richness of their own expression of worship to God. 

What commitments will PCC make with the purchase of a new organ?

None.  The staff and leadership at PCC believe that having an organ adds to the versatility of our church. It gives us one more instrument to offer in musical worship as well as in service to those who might use our church facility.   There will not be any commitments or mandates made concerning the use of the organ. 

Will the purchase of an organ set any long-term trajectories for worship teams, vision, or styles represented in Sunday morning worship services?

Again, no.  PCC will continue to move and adapt as led by God through the promptings and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. We will not put up barriers to allowing God to work in and through our congregation or in and through our church leadership.  

How many people in our church can play the organ?

Currently, we know of 5 individuals in our congregation who can play the organ.

What is the life expectancy of the organ we are looking to purchase?

The current model of organ we are looking at is about 15 years old.  A new organ properly maintained can easily last 40 years.  This organ has been gently used and well maintained.  We have no reason to believe that this organ couldn’t easily last 15-30 years. 

What would happen if we decide not to move forward with this purchase?

At any point during this process, PCC has the option not to purchase the organ. This could potentially happen if: 1) the organ turns out not to be in good condition, 2) funding does not come in to the level that would support moving this direction by the congregation, 3) the congregation votes not to fund it.

In this case we would continue to use our organ in its current state and try to service it as we are able. If at any point our current organ became unplayable, we would simply have to make adjustments to our teams and music as necessary.  

What would happen with the designated organ donations if we decide not to move forward with this purchase?

They would not be returned. Any funds collected would remain unspent in the designated organ fund until such time that the congregation decides that the funds are no longer necessary for an organ and upon a favorable congregational vote the funds are repurposed for another ministry or expense in the church. 

Why now?  With the economy the way it is, why not wait?

Waiting to purchase is certainly an option, but there is no guarantee that a quality instrument will be available at that time that is the right fit and the right price (see above) for our church.  At present we have an opportunity available to us which seems to be a good option for the church.  There are also other parties interested in purchasing this organ which is why we felt that now was the right time to explore moving forward with this opportunity without obligation or risk.