Rev. Dr. Dana L. Goodnough

Senior Pastor

God prepared me for this ministry through outstanding educational opportunities, beginning with my family upbringing in the little town of Moravia in the Fingers Lakes Region of New York. My ministry training included Moody Bible Institute (Chicago), Calvary Bible College (Kansas City, MO), Dallas Theological Seminary, and Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA). My capstone Doctor of Ministry degree came through further studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.


Rev. Chris Arcadi


Rev. Dave Sanford

Pastor Emeritus

Sherry Sabo

Assistant to the Pastors

Preston Young

Student Ministries Director

Elaine Pragle

Director of Children's Ministries

Joanna Mason

Worship Intern


Vision Deacons

Andrew Goodnough

Head Vision Deacon

Al Emmans

Vision Deacon

David Huang

Vision Deacon

Tim Brotzman

Worship Vision Deacon

Stephanie Donovan

Vision Deacon

Mauricio Riveros

Vision Deacon

Ministry Deacons

Chris Choate

Building Use Deacon

Robynlyn Ketchum

Missional Initiatives Deacon

Kierstyn Brown

Music Deacon

Joanne Almeter

Small Group Deacon

Emmanual Akouwah

Adult Formation Deacon

Jon Borowiec

Children's Formation Deacon

Rich Oppedisano

Audio/Visual Deacon

Marty Palardy

Missions Deacon

Maryann Quirk

Prayer Deacon

Carol & Kevin Sullivan

Welcome Ministry Deacons


Doug Driscoll

Building Exterior Trustee

Wes Pickering

Building Interior Trustee

Brian Madrazo

Contracts Trustee

Louis Sabo

IT & Security Trustee

Arnold Smeenk

Finance Trustee

Chris Pragle

Building Interior Trustee


Jody Allison


Gail Barbour

Missions Treasurer

Deb Dorn

Assistant Treasurer